Evidence-based strategies to support boys’ underachievement

Aims of the course

To ‘myth bust’ perceptions of boys and their learning such as ‘all boys love competition’ . The course is based on thorough research and will give teachers practical strategies to address underachievement in boys covering topics such as behaviour, meta cognition and lesson planning.

Intended outcomes of the course

Delegates will leave with a bank of strategies to apply directly in their classrooms. The will feel empowered to not only address boys underachievement but motivate all learners in their classes.


  • One of the best courses that I have been on as a senior leader
    — Assistant Head Tasker Milward School Pembrokeshire.
  • Practical, incisive with plenty of relevant case histories and other information delivered in a positive friendly manner. Gill was happy to answer all questions and provide follow up information.
    — Marcus Cliff Hodges, Deputy Head, Forest School UK.
  • Very inspirational, masses of enthusiasm and energy, great ideas, motivational, superb!
    — W.Phillips, Senior Leader, Pembrokeshire.


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