Effective Differentiation

Aims of the course

To understand the neuro science behind why and how differentiation aids learning. Myths around the complexity of differentiation will be tackled and practical strategies given so staff leave feeling well equipped to design high quality, inclusive lessons.

Intended outcomes of the course

  • Bank of strategies to help learners who need more support or more stretch.
  • Strategies to use ICT in creating accessible lessons.
  • Clear understanding of the long term benefits of differentiation in creating independent learners.
  • Increased confidence in staff to plan inclusive lessons.

Typical programme

08:30 Registration and refreshments
08:45 Why differentiation is needed and how we can identify particular learning needs
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 What does effective differentiation look like? Examples
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 How can I apply the ideas? Hands on designing and planning for the future
15:30 Finish


  • I think Gill's presentation skills were brilliant. Her sense of humour was great and she managed to keep us all engaged the entire day, even after lunch. At the end of the day we all felt that the day had really flown by! I enjoyed the entire programme and would have loved it to be over at least 2 days. Weaknesses: There were none! I have rated this course as Excellent. Thank you Gill!!!
    — Jacqueline Visser, Year 6 Teacher, Deira International School, Dubai.
  • I found the course to be hugely beneficial with lots and lots of useful tips and plenty of ‘AW Yeah’ moments too. I think sometimes us teachers forget that we can indeed deliver outstanding lessons with the simplest of ideas and approaches. I had a spring in my step coming out that day so huge thanks for the 'pep talk', if you like.
    — Brid Tierny, Grade 6 Teacher, Dubai.


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