MSB Podcast - Pilot Episode: Gill Kelly

We're excited to present the inaugural episode of the Making Stuff Better Podcast! In this pilot episode I interview my friend and business partner, Gill Kelly, about her career as an educator, leader and coach. We touch on the challenges that we can face when we're trying to help people through servant leadership and the dissonance that can arise when what we're doing doesn't jive with our personal values. Gill also talks about her journey to leadership and how her early life led her to where she is now.

We hope you enjoy it.

On the Making Stuff Better Podcast, we'll be speaking with a variety of leaders, coaches, teachers, artists, entrepreneurs, writers and other people who are on a mission to make stuff better in whatever they do. We'd love to hear your feedback on this pilot episode. What did you like? What don't you like? Who would you like to hear from on the podcast? If you have any feedback, please contact us on Twitter or in the comments section below.