Episode 5: The Ups and Downs of The Sigmoid Curve

Gill and Matt are gathered around the Leadership Table once more and in this episode they’re discussing the ups and downs of a ride on the Sigmoid Curve. Leaders can face push-back when they attempt to initiate change at a time when the organisation is perceived to be already doing well - at the top of its game, even. How do you respond to those challenges tactfully and get the whole team on-board?


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Episode 3: Lessons From The Cosmos

It’s Gill’s turn and this week she brings an article from the Korn Ferry Institute. Lessons from the Cosmos explores ideas from leaders in the field of space exploration. The article delves into the strategies that need to be employed when you’re leading people in groundbreaking, world-changing endeavours.

When you’re jumping into the unknown, you need to fail fast and learn faster.

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Episode 10: A Letter to Myself (From Asia)

This week the jet-setting duo come to you from Hong Kong Airport. Matt and Gill have been working with some wonderfully receptive educators in China and are on their way to Singapore.

Gill shares a powerful coaching technique and Matt discusses his first experience with it.

Apologies for the audio quality and background noise in this episode. We did ask the announcers to be quiet for a bit while we recorded a podcast but for some reason they seemed more interested in making sure passengers caught their flights.

This episode wraps-up Season 1. The Making Stuff Better Podcast will return in May!

Episode 9: Alchemy

A lot of what we do is about connection; connecting with our clients, helping our clients connect with themselves and their colleagues and connecting with our ideas. This week Gill and Matt discuss the alchemy of connection and the magic that can be produced when the right ingredients are mixed together by the right people, at the right time and in the right place.

There’s also some exciting news about the future of the Making Stuff Better Podcast!

Episode 8: Dancing in Dubai

This week the MSB Podcast comes to you from the United Arab Emirates! Gill and Matt have been at the GESS Dubai conference where they’ve had the chance to listen to and speak with a bunch of fascinating and insightful people.

The duo discus diversity of people and diversity of thought, and a company’s duty to it, both ethically and for the good of the business.

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Episode 7: Slow and Steady

This week Gill and Matt are at different ends of the country and are operating at a considerably different pace to one another, so it seems fitting to dive deeper into a topic from last week’s episode: Slowing down. Why do we seem to have this innate need to schedule everything (to some degree) and to organise our day around the ticks of a clock on the wall?

Matt’s view:


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Episode 6: What's The Rush?

Matt’s going on holiday… and that’s okay! Gill and Matt discuss the misconception that we have to be busy all the time. Maybe, just maybe, our worlds won’t crumble around us if we take a few days off.

Also, Gill starts stalking Oprah Winfrey. We aren’t quite as confident that that’s okay.