Dulwich College International - MSB secures partnership across the DCI Group

Making Stuff Better and Dulwich College International (DCI) have entered in to a coaching partnership with the global group of schools.


We are delighted that we are supporting the DCI in promoting wellbeing and professional development through one to one coaching relationships.

The coaches we have deployed to this contract come from a variety of leadership backgrounds and are highly regarded.

MSB have been working with Dulwich International High School Zhuhai (DHZH) and Dulwich College [Singapore] (DCSG) for the past fourteen months through individual coaching contracts and development programmes.

In DHZH, MSB have been training staff to utilise coaching principles for student wellbeing. In DCSG, MSB have coached individuals as well as running a development programme for the business support team.

In both colleges MSB are entering the second year of the programmes with new cohorts of staff coming on board.