Dulwich College International - MSB secures partnership across the DCI Group

Making Stuff Better and Dulwich College International (DCI) have entered in to a coaching partnership with the global group of schools.


We are delighted that we are supporting the DCI in promoting wellbeing and professional development through one to one coaching relationships.

The coaches we have deployed to this contract come from a variety of leadership backgrounds and are highly regarded.

MSB have been working with Dulwich International High School Zhuhai (DHZH) and Dulwich College [Singapore] (DCSG) for the past fourteen months through individual coaching contracts and development programmes.

In DHZH, MSB have been training staff to utilise coaching principles for student wellbeing. In DCSG, MSB have coached individuals as well as running a development programme for the business support team.

In both colleges MSB are entering the second year of the programmes with new cohorts of staff coming on board.

Coaching for Wellbeing: MSB begins second year with Dulwich College Zhuhai

We’re really excited to have launched our second year with the staff and students and Dulwich College Zhuhai.

This will see us develop and enhance the Coaching for Wellbeing programme that we delivered last year, extending its impact to more staff and students.

Year one of the programme used a blended approach, training staff in coaching for wellbeing skills and supporting them through a series of online workshops throughout the school year, as well as training students in coaching approaches. A summary of the work was captured in a paper for CollectiveEd due to be published this Autumn and also published here.

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We’re particularly looking forward to working closely with Zhuhai’s Wellbeing team to develop a tailored coaching programme for Year 10 students. This will see students introduced to the key concepts of personal problem solving, self esteem and growing emotional intelligence.

Andrew MacDonald-Brown, Director of Dulwich College Zhuhai stated: "We continue to be impressed by the quality of the bespoke professional learning provided by MSB, and the notable impact this is having on building a coaching culture, and wellbeing culture, within our school".

We will continue to update the outcomes of these programmes here throughout the year.

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MSB to partner with ECIS to deliver Leadership Coaching Training

We are delighted to have agreed a partnership with the Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS).


ECIS is one of the largest international school membership organisations, representing over 425 schools at every level of education, and 35,000+ passionate educators and leaders in over 75 countries on six continents.

Working with their professional learning team, we will be delivering a Leadership Coaching module on their Middle Leader Certificate Programme and at a range of venues around the world throughout the year.

We will also be delivering the module at the next ECIS Leadership Conference. Taking place in Madrid in 2020, the conference theme this year is ‘Learning Ecosystems: Leading School Communities that Thrive’. A perfect context for developing and growing coaching in schools and amongst school leaders.