Leadership Development

We call this our sweet spot. A team of experienced coaches who know what it is to lead, combined with their deep and extensive experience of designing learning that really hits the mark. 

People are different. Leaders change. Contexts vary. So following an off-the-shelf leadership curriculum that is bogged down in theory helps nobody. That’s why Making Stuff Better is different.



Our leadership development programmes are bespoke. We take the best of the theory, learn as much as we can about your context and mix it with the most engaging and experiential learning techniques we can muster to create a tailor-made leadership development for your organisation.

The programme has increased my confidence in my own leadership abilities. I no longer feel like an impostor... well, most of the time!

Who is it for?

We specialise in curating programmes for values-driven teams in education, healthcare and government. 

This is often undertaken at transition points. You’ve created a new team and they need to lead effectively from the start. You have a group moving into senior leadership and they need to step back and think deeply about how they do so. You are implementing a significant change project and you need to ensure your people are fully ready to deliver it. 

Whatever the context, we design our programmes around our five key principles.

Our Key Principles

Our Key Principles


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