City Academy Bristol, UK

Gill took up the position of  Principal of the City Academy Bristol in September 2010. The Academy’s context was one of 75% of the student body being classed as needing free school meals, 55% being classed as EAL with 44 different languages being spoken.

On arriving, Gill quickly saw that an urgent measures were required to stabilise the finances and future of the school. Over four years, Gill led the Academy through the challenging scenario of a demographic dip with the requirement to raise standards.

Matt arrived one year later as a Vice Principal i/c of Sixth Form and standards. During their working relationship, standards rose above floor standard for the first time in the school’s history and a ‘Good’ Ofsted judgement was achieved in 2012.

The academy’s leaders have accurately identified where further improvements are required. The actions already taken have led to significant improvements in students’ achievement and attendance. As a result of good leadership and improved management of performance, the overall quality of teaching has risen markedly.